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How To Get Out From Viagra Headache In A Simply Manner?

There are several ED medications out there on the market, such as Viagra, and it works better to develop blood flow to the penis. However, Viagra does not affect the overall blood vessels in the body, but blood flow in other parts of the body will get effects.

Blood vessel causes an increase in blood flow which takes about headaches but the headaches are mild and can get out quickly. It cans indude a single set of migraines in the small minority of users, and it is accompanied by other common side effects such as flushing and indigestion to the body.

How much time does a Viagra headache last in the body?

Viagra headache is not a huge problem to the body, but mild viagra headaches go away after 2 to 3 hours. Heachaches continue while the medication is still in the part of the body when it effect of the medication has worn out from the body. It is out of your systems then the headache goes away.

Sometimes, it is unlikely it will continue the next day, too, based on the body’s condition. Most men often find that bodies use viagra often, which leads to meet headaches often and is less intense to the body.

What are the ideas to prevent a headache after taking Viagra?

 If you get headaches once you take Viagra, it can be off-putting and will impact sexual performance and meet high levels of pleasure. There are some common ideas and measures to reduce the intensity and duration of headaches when using Viagra.

Take a low dose of viagra?

If you higher your dosage level in the starting stage itself, it surely lets to meet headaches from it. Suppose you are experiencing headaches and use a high dose of viagra like 100 mg, 30 mg, and another dosage. It would help if you suggested a lower dose, which is one of the most important steps to reduce the heavy headache.

Over the market, there are several viagra out, but you need to go with lower strength, which supports you to meet and maintain a proper erection to the penis. When you think about which never benefits from the lower dosage of viagra and talk to your doctors about this. It reduces the intensity and provides a high frequency of headaches after taking viagra.

Take a small meal before having viagra:

 Viagra is highly effective if it takes on an empty stomach and if you fail to take it without having proper food, which increases the chances of having a headache. You are suggested to take viagra along with a light meal, reducing headaches’ overall intensity.

Stay hydrated

The most common cause of headaches is dehydration, so viagra is a mild diuretic that casuse the body to release an excess of water, and it acts in the part of the body. At the time of the sex, you need to develop moisture and sweat. Therefore you need to have viagra before sex, which helps to get a better experience of mild dehydration.

It will help if you avoid alcohol during the intake of viagra. High alcohol can increase the chance of developing certain side effects like headaches. Reduce the light headache, which requires taking large amounts of water, and it gives a hand to reduce dehydration.

Make sure to switch to viagra

Most viagra is grouped as phosphodiesterase type 5 PDE, and it contains have active ingredient Sildenafil, which is the longest lasting viagra. It reduces the overall chances of experiencing side effects, and facts and men prefer to take viagra over sildenafil for many reasons. When you meet headaches on taking viagra and talk to a doctor regarding the ED option, you must continue treating your ED with the help of fewer headaches by using other medication for the body.

Steps to get out from the headache of taking viagra

When a viagra headache has set in, then they are few treatment methods to follow, such as

Use the counter

Viagra induced with slight headaches disappears over the own after a few hours. When you have a persistent headache, you must wonder when you have viagra with paracetamol. It is safer to take paracetamol after having viagra. It has no interaction among the other three rather than you must ensure with a doctor about safer before going to take it.

Use hot or cold

The hot and cold compress placed over the site of the headache help calm the areas and reduce the discomfort.

Remain the light low

You have made the light dimmed and adjusted the monitor’s brightness to the lower setting option. Then you never help save the onset of headaches, and they reduce overall headache pain and support you to rest and relax forever.

Take a caffeinated drink

 If you meet a headache, start caffeinated drinks like coffee gives a hand to ease the headache pain. Then it reduces the duration. Viagra is a diuretic, so it may be an idea to drink water and ensure they are not dehydrated.


Viagra headaches can be a minor inconvenience for those taking the medication, but with the right steps and lifestyle changes, they can easily be avoided. Taking Viagra at lower doses, staying hydrated and drinking caffeine are all methods that have been proven to reduce the likelihood of experiencing a headache after taking Viagra. If you still experience persistent headaches even after trying these tips, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor about alternative ED medications to take.


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Temporary Erectile dysfunction in Men

Temporary Erectile dysfunction in Men

Generally, People think that Erectile dysfunction-like condition gets worse with age. But, there are also times when this sexual problem is temporary, and one can prevent its effects. 

Due to many reasons or factors, this temporary Ed can occur in most males. The reason behind it can be situational or due to lifestyle factors. But knowing the best solution to tackle may help to fix the illness more effectively. 

With this article, you will explore the different causes that may lead to temporary ED. Know what the diagnosis is for it. Also, to treat this reversible form of Ed, know the different treatments that may help. 

Symptoms of Temporary Erectile dysfunction

The symptoms of temporary Ed can be more or less compared to other types of erectile dysfunction. Also, the issue is well known as impotence, which causes the inability to get or keep an erection during s*x. In comparison, these effects of Ed are less or more severe in temporary ED or impotence. 

As an estimated data, 43% of men face problems getting an erection at one time or another while wanting it. From the vision of medical standpoint, facing an erection problem 20% of the time is not a major concern. But when it occurs more than 50% of the time, a person should consult a doctor. Thus, it can be something which one should have a proper follow-up to manage this sexual condition. 

Now you might be thinking, what differentiates temporary Ed from other forms of ED? So it tends to occur suddenly and mostly affects younger people. The symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on the underlying cause.

Causes of Temporary Erectile dysfunction  

Behind Temporary ED, there can be many overlapping causes. It can appear due to physical or physiological factors, which further have many different situations under them. Also, the way of living has a vital play in conditions like Temporary ED. Poor diet, obesity, smoking, medical conditions, stress, depression, hormone imbalance and many other causes can lead to ED. 

Diagnosis For Temporary Erectile dysfunction

Experiencing the erectile issue less often is normal. But, it can be a concern if the symptoms appear every time while have sex. The best way to know the underlying cause behind the issue is to talk to a doctor(Urologist). They will diagnose and examine to find out what causes the ED. 

In temporary ED, the symptoms are sudden and irregular and occur in younger people. Proper early treatment works best to reverse the effect of temporary ED. The diagnosis includes reviewing your medical and sexual history—also, tests to find the real cause of temporary ED. 

Based on the initial findings, Here are some procedures and tests that are usually used:

  • Physical examination 
  • Blood or urine test
  • Ultrasound
  • Mental health evolution 
  • RigiScan
  • Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test 

Treatments for temporary Erectile dysfunction

Temporary Erectile dysfunction can often be treated with the proper treatment. Here are some potential treatment options for improving the symptoms of temporary ED. It includes:-


Oral ED medications like PDE-5 inhibitors are often prescribed for first-line treatment. It includes prescription drugs like Viagra(Sildenafil) and Cialis(tadalafil) for Ed. 

Weight loss: 

Studies show that being overweight or obese can be a risk to lead temporarily to Ed in some males. By decreasing weight, one can manage the effects of ED at its best. 

Quit Smoking:

Avoid smoking as it can cause damage to your blood vessels and reduce blow flow to the penis. Leaving smoking can improve your erectile, particularly in younger smokers with ED. 

Limit Alcohol consumption: 

Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can cause ED. In such cases, one should limit or avoid drinking alcohol to improve the condition. 

Improve diet: 

Studies show that diet plays a vital role, and one who takes a healthy diet has a lower risk of ED. During the research, 70% of people with Ed have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25. Thus, Improving your diet by adding vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and fish may help.

Regular Exercising: 

Lack of physical activities may also contribute to erectile dysfunction. A study has shown that exercising 160 minutes per week for up to six months has shown signs of improvement in ED. It may help people with metabolic syndrome or obesity to overcome the risk of ED. 

Manage Stress: 

Studies have shown that stress reduction may help increase libido in men with ED. Try progressive muscle relaxation(PMR) and diaphragmatic breathing to manage stress. Depression and Anxiety Lead to erection problem in Men.

Take Supplements: 

One can try taking supplements like yohimbe, Panax ginseng, etc. 

The efficacy of these supplements is still debatable, and most men have their results. But make sure to talk to a doctor before taking any supplements for ED. 

Testosterone replacement therapy: 

In some men, an imbalance of hormones may lead to erectile dysfunction. Thus, Testosterone replacement therapy may help manage the condition at its best. 

Talk therapy: 

Psychotherapy, sex therapy, or relationship therapy may help in some cases. Especially ED due to psychological factors.


Temporary ED, as the name, refers one can reverse its effects and improve their sex life. Finding the exact cause and effective treatment may help with the condition. A doctor may help diagnose ED, determine the cause, and suggest the best treatment. Treatment may include drugs, lifestyle changes, therapies, and treatment of underlying causes. One must see a doctor if they experience faults in their ability to attain an erection. 

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